Halloween is one of my favorite times of year! I start thinking about the kids’ costumes in June or July.I tried to convince Ethan in doing themed costumes like last year {they were superheros} but he vetoed. He was incessant on being the Blue Power Ranger. He was also pretty adamant that Ben had to be Nemo. But I put my foot down on that one. This is probably the last year I have any say in a costume so I was going to pick his out. And since I was the one paying for them, he really couldn’t argue.

So this year I will have one Blue Power Ranger and Yoda. I’m not even a Star Wars fan. I just thought Ben would look so darn cute in that costume!

boys' halloween costumesWhen I was look for their costumes, I came across some really good costumes reasonably priced. I decided to put together a list of Halloween Costumes under $20!

10 Halloween Costumes Under $12

10 halloween costumes under $12

1. Pirates are always a good choice and this one is only  $4.75!

boys' pirate costume

2. This cheerleader costume is a steal! With shipping it’s still under $10!

cheerleader costume

3. This Checkerboard costume is so simple and probably really easy to make but for only $5.60 why not buy it!

checkerboard costume

4. One of my favorite costumes of all time was when I borrowed a pair of scrubs from my dad and went as a Doctor. It was so comfy! These scrubs are only $11!

doctor costume

5. This darling devil doesn’t come with a heft price tag. For only $8.99, your little angel can be a devil for the night.

darling devil costume6. How sweet is this Smarties costume?! On sale for only $3.62!

smarties halloween costume

7. Another too cute costume! Show off your future figure skater for under $4!

future figure skater

8. I wish I would have seen this Gonzo costume before ordering Ben’s Yoda costume! Starting at only $4.78.

gonzo costume

9. What little girl doesn’t want to be Dorothy? And for under $5, how could you deny her?

dorothy costume

10. If you have an infant this Halloween, this Sweet Pea costume is perfect for you! Just a little over $10!

sweet pea costume

What are your kids being for Halloween?

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